Just realize that I was the original T-Pain.

All kidding aside, we always knew T-Pain (Faheem Rasheed Najm) could sing but did you know he could SANG? Tallahassee Pain, with his keyboardist, Toro, recently visited the offices of NPR and graced them with an unfiltered Auto-Tune-less mini-performance for their Tiny Desk Concerts series. It is fantastic. Boom. Homeboy just blew open his demographic by visiting NPR (heavy “caucastic” audience). The video has already racked up 5 million hits.

In an intimate, bookshop/coffehouse-like setting, T-Pain drops versions of Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’), Up Down (Do This All Day) and Drankin’ Patna. Just hilarious and phenomenal.

We always liked T, as he’s a talented and prolific producer. He’s a smart, intelligent dude and seems to have a self-aware, goofy sense of humor. Everyone remembers I’m On A Boat with The Lonely Island crew.


Download the audio HERE

VICE: It’s No Surprise T-Pain Sounds Great Without Auto-Tune

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert -  T-Pain