If you weren’t one of the 22 million people who watched the trailer of the highly anticipated sequel to The Avengers yesterday (and today), then you must be living under a rock. Or you’re some kind of pop culture monk with next level spoiler discipline. Long story short, Marvel succumbed to all the leaks of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer yesterday and dropped the trailer a week earlier to get ahead of it all. Success, Internet Fam. Erm, Thank You, Hydra?

We didn’t think Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy (which we saw in theaters three times in the first ten days of opening) could be topped. But clearly, there’s some epic shit dropping in 2015. Looks like good ol’ Joss Whedon, King Fanboy, has done it again.

This turn looks decidedly darker in tone –downright scary. The trailer is packed with action (peep the Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor; it’s like an ass-kickin’ nesting doll) and laced with impending doom and dread. We’re loving the use of I’ve Got No Strings from Disney‘s (who owns Marvel) Pinocchio. I think they even auto-tuned the vocals to give it that eerie, digital twang a la GLaDOS from Portal. Clever marketing by these bastards.

You could cut the blatant symbolism with a knife as the supervillain robot, Ultron, cuts his own proverbial strings and becomes sentient. We’re also digging the design of Ultron as he looks like some artificially intelligent droid incarnate of Satan. To top it off, Iron Satan, is voiced by Mr. James Spader, to add to the delicious creep factor. Just terrifying.

Par for the course and as expected, we can’t wait until next summer, looks like it’s going to be chilling. Damn.



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