Youk Chhang’s (director of DC-cam) vision is inspirational,’ said Zaha Hadid. ‘his brief for the Sleuk Rith Institute calls for beauty and an optimism for the future to heal and reconnect a country, with the documentation centre of Cambodia being key to that process. working with Youk Chhang and the institute, we have brought together an excellent team of Cambodian and international consultants that share this vision to carefully plan the Sleuk Rith Institute


Zaha Hadid Architects have released renderings for the Sleuk Rith Institute in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The design is a refreshing departure from the repetitive parametricism ZHA have become known for. This is the Office’s first project in Cambodia and its first ever wooden construction. The Sleuk Rith Institute will function as a research center for genocide.


sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_01 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_02 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_03 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_04 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_05 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_06 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_07 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_08 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_09 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_10 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_11 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_12 sleuk_rith_zaha_hadid_13