The set in which we shot the Performance was totally dark, aside from a red laser as our backdrop – we could not see anything except while looking through the cameras viewfinder. Operating a camera in this situation was like a real manifestation of virtual reality. The band also couldn’t see each other and couldn’t tell who or what the camera was looking at – which ultimately made the performance feel very raw and unhindered.. The visual results tie perfectly with the concept of ’See’ in which we always seem to reveal new worlds that are beyond our terrestrial abilities of sight..

via Gmunk

Tycho has released a performance cut for their surreal music video, See. The visuals are provided by frequent collaborator, Gmuk. The performance incorporates gorgeous infrared, full-spectrum photography. See is the third single released from Tycho’s most recent album, Awake. You can purchase the album HERE.


Director: Bradley G Munkowitz


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