San Francisco based startup, BRD developed a pair of groundbreaking electric motocross bikes, the Redshift MX and Redshift SM. The team at BRD was focused on building a faster bike, leveraging the advantages of an electric platform. The bikes are 30% lighter than competing motocross bikes and offer a perfectly responsive torque.

Additionally, DARPA has selected the Redshift as the base platform for a new fleet of stealthy, hybrid-powered motorcycles. The Pentagon aims to use these bikes to hurry special forces through extreme terrain conditions under the cover of surveillance. The RedshiftMX and SM are available for pre-order  Brd Motorcycles.

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The idea is to develop a hybrid power system that relies on both electric and gas power, allowing special ops to go off-road and zip past enemy forces with the silence of an electric engine, while also being able to handle extended missions and higher speeds with a supplemental gas tank.

In February, DARPA awarded Logos Technologies a $100,000, six-month Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for a preliminary design to see just how viable the project is.

via Wired

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