Using miniature figures and makeup, murcia-based photographer Juan Sánchez Castillo creates small landscapes and scenes directly onto the face of a model. ‘making it up’ comprises a series of photos which animate tiny workers and children interacting with the female’s facial features. in one example, white powder transforms the model’s face into a snowy panorama, as cheekbones become mountaintops and the bridge of a nose visualizes as a steep, snow-covered slope, all the while small-scale characters are pictured sledding and rolling snowballs down the surface of skin. ‘painters at work’ presents two tiny overall-clad men, attempting to apply color to the giant lips that face them — with part of the lipstick removed, the scene simulates the painter’s work in progress. each vignette presents a combination of body art and miniatures, creating imaginative and whimsical compositions.

via designboom

All images: Juan Sánchez Castillo

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