From the architect. The architectural plan incorporates a Memorial, a cultural centre, an open air theatre and an outdoor sculpture project. The site responds to its natural surroundings and uses them to create both spatial and visual circulations. The Armed Forces Memorial (cenotaph) is the main element of the square. A metallic structure covered in COR-TEN steel bears white marble interiors, engraved with the names of all the military personnel who lost their lives fighting against the organized crime. The cenotaph settles on a mirror of water that elevates towards an open niche, where a waterfall will meet the cenotaph’s resting base.

Another element of the construction is the Armed Forces Cultural Center. This building’s main purpose is to teach and inform through multimedia installations the Armed Forces’ organic structure. These installations also comprehend a summary of the Armed Forces’ history and main achievements, as well as a visual catalogue of their technology and armament. via Arch Daily,


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