Soaring over the Seine river in Paris now sits a life-size Tyrannosaurus-Rex sculpture, conceived and constructed by French artist Philippe Pasqua. 350 chrome molded bones create the framework for the 3 by 6 meter (12′ by 21′) contemporary artwork. The t-rex, a fixture in popular culture, is characterized by its massive skull, long powerful tail, and treacherous teeth, all which are exemplified in Pasqua’s skeletal construction. the towering silver structure surprises passers-by, synthesizing the relationship between artistry and shock value. Public installations have recently become a popular arena for artists following florentijn hofman’s giant inflatable rubber duck, which floated across harbors around the world.

via Design Boom.

French artist, Philippe Pasqua has proposed  the construction of  a 1-1 scale chrome Tyrannosaurus-Rex sculpture along the Seine river in Paris. The superslice co-signs this 100%.


Images via: Anthony Gelot

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