The 10 year celebration theme for Roppongi Hills is “LOVE TOKYO”. We will be starting a movement here from Roppongi Hills to transform Tokyo into a more attractive and exciting “world-class city”. We are opening a 10th anniversary website in which users can experience 3D projection mapping on a miniature model of the city of Tokyo at a 1 : 1000 scale. Participants can enjoy various motifs of the city: “Futuristic City,” “Rock City,” and a traditional Japanese “Beauty of Nature” motif by pressing the keys on a keyboard, as if playing the piano. Exploit the possibilities and make Tokyo more dynamic and exciting. Join us in a symphony with the entire city of Tokyo, and enjoy this completely new visual experience. via Roppongi Hills Vimeo.

Tokyo City Symphony  is an exciting interactive video celebrating the 10th anniversary of Roppongi Hills. Using a highly accurate 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo (created for Tokyo’s 2009 bid for the Olympic Games), the website allows users to project their own visual symphony onto the cityscape. Create your own visuals at the Tokyo City Symphony website. Enjoy!


Tokyo_Symphony_02 Tokyo_Symphony_01


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