By examining nature, it’s systems and energy transactions this project intends to bring awareness and understanding of those phenomena and their current impact.

Working with contemporary computational design methods and using parametric models, Ross Lovegrove and his studio’s intention is to reveal natures underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language.

Therefore these methods are process driven and aim to explore tessellation, performative surfaces, lightweight structures and new material behaviours rather than the literal translation of appearances found in nature into visual design.

Ross Lovegrove 2013

images via Ross Lovegrove

renault_twinz_01 renault_twinz_02 renault_twinz_03 renault_twinz_04 renault_twinz_05 renault_twinz_06 renault_twinz_07 renault_twinz_08 renault_twinz_09 renault_twinz_10 renault_twinz_11 renault_twinz_12