Vitaly Bulgarov is a Moscow-based concept designer and artist. Using software such as Softimage XSI and ZBrush for 3D modeling, KeyShot for rendering, and Photoshop for post production work, he creates science fiction magic. Just look at his next-level oeuvre. He has been working in the entertainment industry for about a decade and his star is finally beginning to rise.

Bulgarov marvelously commingles sinuous and organic alien designs with a high tech-machine aesthetic, while doing it with gorgeous detail. Now, Bulgarov is becoming a leader in his industry while working at Blizzard Entertainment. The pixel guru also teaches at the Gnomon Workshop.

Just dazzling and rich work by the Russian artist and designer. This might even hold us over until the sequel to District 9 drops.


Check out this interview with Vitaly Bulgarov and his CGHub page.

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