Three concepts for a proposed poolhouse in South Florida by Dutch architecture firm, NL Architects:

In October 2011, Dutch firm  NL Architects were approached by a fawning soon-to-be client named Andrew R., who had hand-picked them from a pile of “highly successful up and coming contemporary architects.” Mr. R. commissioned NL to design for him a luxury pool house in Del Rey Beach, Florida. The new home would replace an existing 12,000-square-foot mansion that came with the beachside property Andrew had procured. The architects were given basic parameters—an 8,000 square-foot house with an adjacent 4,000 square-foot digs for very lucky guests—but were otherwise left to their own devices. Architects being architects, NL came up with three different designs, each wackier than the last. And they think they’ve come up with the next great architectural mash-up: the “HomePool.” –Architizer

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