In order to create Logorama’s surreal commercial landscape of 2,500 logos from past and present, the designers gathered a massive database of more than 40,000 consumer graphics. Taschen will publish a selection of that list aptly titled “Logobook,” with an alphabetized index of 7,000 images and captions identifying company, category, year and country of creation. – Cool Hunting.

Logobook is an impressive catalog of the most iconic logo’s from around the globe. Logobook was designed by Ludovic Houplain of H5, directors of the 2009 Academy Award-winning animated short Logorama, which focused on the use of logos and corporate identity. You can view the film HERE.

Logobook is available on  April 1st, and you can pre-order from Taschen or Amazon.


Ludovic Houplain interview with The Creators Project:

logobook_02 logobook_03 logobook_04 logobook_05 logobook_06 logobook_07 logobook_08 logobook_09 logobook_10 logobook_11 logobook_12 logobook_13 logobook_14 logobook_15

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