YUUPPP got to do an OFFICIAL remix for JT’s song Suit & Tie!!!! im sooooo fucking happy about the outcome of my remix!!! So here is the stream!! RELEASE DATE IS STILL TBA and dont start yelling at me because Jay-Z vox aren’t in the remix because Sony said that i wasnt allowed to…..anyways ENJOY

Dillon Francis kills it in this official remix for Justin Timberlake‘s leadoff single Suit & Tie. You can download it HERE while it lasts.

By the way, the Suit & Tie performance by JT and crew on this past Saturday’s SNL was on point. The walk-on by Hov was righteous and the number was anchored with some tight choreography by Timberlake and his backup dancers. We dug the androgynous look of the ladies (clad in suit & tie). The dancing was sharp and crisp, and the moves were fresh yet had this throwback feel (like MJ meets some old school soft-shoe), which was appropriate for the song. Watch it below after you stream/download the remix.