UPDATE 4 (May 11, 2013):  Two new Collaborators episodes (with DJ Falcon and Paul Williams) and some beautiful new pics by CR Fashion Book of the alien robots at the Sheats Goldstein Residence (below). Be sure to check out their interview with DP as interviewed by Sky Ferreira). And check out the other links.


CR Fashion Book 01 CR Fashion Book 02 CR Fashion Book 03 CR Fashion Book 04 CR Fashion Book 05 CR Fashion Book 06 CR Fashion Book 07 CR Fashion Book 08



UPDATE 3 (May 3, 2013): The full song audio, two new Collaborators episodes and some sweet new pics, below…



UPDATE 2 (April 13, 2013):

On Friday evening, during the opening day of Coachella 2013, Daft Punk debuted a teaser (ABOVE) for the track, Get Lucky, from their highly-anticipated album Random Access Memories. The video, which aired before Yeah Yeah Yeahs came onstage, featured Pharrell Williams crooning and shimmying to the beat (the dude has never looked so cool as he looks at home in the vid; has to be a career highlight for the producer/artist), with Nile Rodgers on guitar, and the alien robot duo providing the rhythm section, drums and bass. The clip also revealed the stable of featured artists and collaborators on RAM: Panda Bear from Animal CollectiveJulian Casablancas from The Strokes, house and garage producer Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, pianist Chilly Gonzales, ’70s producers Giorgio Moroder and Paul Williams, along with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

Tres cool but commercials at Coachella? Though, this has to be best kind of commercial. They’re exempt.

The Creators Project has been rolling out the series Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators. You can watch the first three episodes below. The first features Moroder, the follow-up is with Edwards, and the latest episode features Rodgers, who graced the Coachella jumbotron earlier.

LA Weekly and a ton of other people seem to think that DP is going to perform this weekend. With the report of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in actual attendance to witness the reveal of the teaser at Coachella, with their French buddies, Phoenix, playing this weekend and one of the acts closing out Saturday night, AND with the timing of their upcoming May release — I wouldn’t be surprised if the duo popped up and busted out Get Lucky (with Pharrell reported as being there also) with Phoenix. We will see. “Daft Punk is going to do a surprise set at Coachella this year,” has been the annual hipster urban legend after they made their desert debut seven years ago. It might actually happen this time. I was lucky enough to be there in 2006, with a group of friends, and it was one of those life-highlights that will always endure in your memory. Or should I say, random access memories?

Pitchfork has some interesting tidbits and factoids about the new album project, such as their collaboration with French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent Paris (for the threads you saw in the Get Lucky teaser). Rolling Stone has some exclusive insight as they reveal secrets from the new album.

You can pre-order the 180 gram double vinyl gatefold, along with digital album download code and LP size booklet HERE.

Could the disco robot hype be more dense?! We’re up all night to get lucky.


DPsl1 DPsl2 DPsl3 DPsl4 DPsl5 DPsl6 Random Access MemoriesYSL 03 Large DPsl7 DPsl8 French magazine tumblr_mlt8mtb3JZ1qj4edao1_1280 tumblr_mlt8mtb3JZ1qj4edao2_1280 Get Lucky Random Access Memories



UPDATE 1 (March 24, 2013):

Yesterday, Daft Punk and company confirmed that the previously released image is the new album cover and revealed the album title, Random Access Memories (directly below). It drops May 21, 2013 and is already listed on iTunes. The release of the cover and album title was followed by another television commercial which, once again, aired during last night’s Saturday Night Live. You can see the fifteen second clip above at the header. We’re up all night to get funky. 2013 is proving to be an exciting year. Freak. Out.

Random Access Memories



PREVIOUSLY (March 3, 2013):

After the vague announcement of the Columbia signing of Daft Punk, this mysterious and brief commercial aired late Saturday night during the broadcast of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Kevin Hart. It featured a 15-second sample of, presumably, a track from their upcoming fourth release. It’s an album which seems to see a return to their “very disco”/Discovery roots. The robot alien duo have collaborated with and reached out to Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams and Giorgio Moroder; composers and producers who were doing their thing in the ’70s.

Check out and download the remix of the sample below. There’s also a ten-minute loop, if the DJ PJ Edit isn’t enough.

Like all, we await the fourth album with bated breath.