After months of hard work and secrecy, we are proud to finally release Zim & Zou‘s wonderful commission for IBM with Ogilvy. “Happy Planet” was conceived to be poster campaign and animated greeting card for IBM, which quickly developed into the most ambitious project Zim & Zou had ever taken on. From the meticulous range of paper sculptures and scenery, the next phases consisted of a modifiable set-build to accommodate for the stop-motion movements, and then photographing hundreds of frames to make the final 32 second animation. The raw files where then imported into After Effects for a marathon of post-production magic by animator Blanca Martinez de Rituerto. Behind-the-scenes footage only gives a little taste of what went into this project, with the final animation shown at the end. Spectacular work all around.

Yet another carefully curated project by the very talented French agency, Zim and Zou. Happy Planet is an IBM holidays greeting card, with Ogilvy agency released by POCKO. Zim and Zou pride themselves in creating 3D elements using papercraft. You can watch the behind-the-scenes footage below, complete with the all the details and man-hours involved.