As much as it feels weird to even use the phrase “beat scene” in 2013, you’d be hard pressed to find something more representative of this archaic term than what’s going on in Montreal, Canada right now. Seemingly out of nowhere, a thriving crop of up and coming producers/DJ’s have bursted onto the radar, presenting interesting and innovative takes on traditional instrumental hip-hop soundscapes and bringing new life to a genre that’s burdened by mostly recycled schemes. Although there are a number of promising young Quebecers out there (Tommy Kruise, Rami.B(izzle)), Hesk – to name a few), one of the city’s chief luminaries happens to be 20-year-old Kevin Celestin, aka Kaytranada.

Since taking up the craft of production at the age of 14 and going through some crucial moniker changes, he’s now one of the mainstay’s of his label HW&W Recordings, has earned the respect of Montreal vets such as Lunice, and has amounted to one of the most stacked SoundCloud accounts in the game right now. We asked Kay to create a mix for us that represents not only his personal sound, but the eclectic scene in which he comes from. Check out his one take, live LFTF Mix now below, and let the track list be your sonical map to the sound of Montreal in 2013. via

Sonical, huh?


Dom$Olo – Brownsugapackets
Kenlo Craqnuques – Astrocalin
Kaytranada – Nevalie/Down Low (Feat. Cyber) {Unreleased}
Mr. Carmack – Pay (For What)
Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution
Sean Price – Title Track
Da-P – Flight
Kaytranada – Holy Hole Inna Donut
Nas & Ginuwine – You Owe Me (Sango Edit)
The Celestics – Black Mozarts (Feat. Green Hypnotic & Cyber)
Youthkills – Time Is Now (Kaytranada Remix) {Unreleased}
Rami B. – Shatdafackap
Ta-Ku – Hustle
Dibia$E – Skullcrack
Kaytranada – Get It Confused {Unreleased}
Djemba Djemba – Yah Pop
Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets
Jaylib – Heavy (Chronic Mix)
Kaytranada & Shash’u – Untitled {Unreleased}
Kenlo Craqnuques – 160_Mute
Munoz – Takeoff {Unreleased}
Dibiase – Renegade Slap (Devonwho Collabo)
Myth Syzer – C’mon (Feat. Kaytranada) {Unreleased}
Lakim – She’s The Type
Vlooper Aka Nrvloopa – Little Queen (Feat. Modlee)
Teeko, Dibia$E & Devonwho – Young Funklords
Black Eyed Peas – Falling Up (Remix Instrumental)
Jay-Z – Lalala

Artwork by Adam Ferriss