For this particular collection of greyscale patterns, Ferriss used code written in the popular programming language Processing that employed two techniques: pixel sorting and cellular automata. Starting with a photograph of a wave crashing against a craggy shore, Ferriss first used code to sort the pixels from brightest to darkest (his program was a tweaked version of one written by fellow artist Jeff Thompson). Then Ferriss made a greyscale version of that image and sorted its pixels again. At this point in the process, the original ocean scene is totally unrecognizable, having been rearranged pixel by pixel into a bouquet of monochrome diamonds. via everlane

Here is the work of Los Angeles-based artist Adam Ferriss. Inspired by the glitch aesthetic, Ferriss uses open source codes to re-sort pixels into abstract images. His work also includes RGB tricolor separation, mashed pixel array data, color, and black and white photographs. He also worked on the cover art for LFTF‘s Kaytranada Mix. Check out his Tumblr to discover more of his work.


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