House Hafner in South Germany by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture:

The site of the house is located in the countryside next to a forest in southern Germany. The house is situated at the end of a blind alley and benefits from the site facing the forest and valley. Thus a very high level of privacy is provided by the protection from being seen or unauthorized access, which makes an open living possible. The slight remodeling of the topography with a given height difference of 3 meters inspired the choreography and orientation of the building alike.

The residential building is designed for a couple with an independent area for guests. The design of the house is divided into two parts: one introverted area, articulated by an arrangement with smaller openings following the surrounding typology of the neighborhood. The counterpart of that is an extroverted area facing the forest and the beautiful view of the valley. The exterior space is interpreted as an extension of the open living area.
The abstracted shape  of the gabled roof draws an analogy to the surrounding roof shapes, which is common in southern Germany. The transformation to an open cubic design made a maximum size of openings possible, as well as the visual merging of living and nature.

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