Like a needle in a compass, graphic designer and photographer Jan Erik Waider keeps being drawn north. It is here where he can not only satisfy the call of his wanderlust but also find the motives his passion for photography longs for.

Far north on the coast of Iceland, by the glaciers in Greenland and next to the freezing North Sea he has discovered landscapes which come to life through their contradictions: when water forms mountains, when it is as bright as day at night, when in the freezing cold things come to life – that is when Jan Erik Waider takes a photograph.

What the viewer sees is not merely the image captured by the camera; the photographer completes the motives with discreet and careful post-processing inspired by his own impressions. Thus we not only see the picture of a scene but also the emotions felt by the photographer.

In these sweeping and deserted landscapes Jan Erik Waider replaces our fast-paced life with the perseverance of waiting for the perfect moment to take the picture. Conscious solitude replaces the constant pressure of civilization – and the results are photographs which feed our yearnings.

Just gorgeous photographic work by Nuremberg, Bavaria-based photographer and graphic designer Jan Erik Waider. He’s developed a breathtaking photographic portfolio of his travels to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, and the Faroe Islands near the coast of Denmark. We are featuring just a fraction of his stunning work; see more at his SITE and his Behance account.

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