Some time ago a stranger asked me to make his portrait… So I did. I sent him the image and I never heard back from him again since that moment. Not long ago I saw one painting and I felt that it was very familiar to me. And then I got it – It was a copy of my photo! I did a little research on that and it seem that the guy who draw(copied) it is quite well known around…His name is Vincent Van Gogh or something…Pity that he never mentioned me and I can’t find his contact now. This video is a comparison of both images. What’s your opinion about the situation?

Using photo-retouching techniques, former architect and now travelling artist/photographer, Tadao Cern from Vilnius, Lithuania, has taken Vincent van Gogh‘s September 1889 Self-Portrait (which hangs at Musée d’Orsay in Paris) and managed to create this baffling and realistic interpretation of the famous painter. Check out the final product, below, and the shorthand video of his process (he’s careful of not revealing any of his secrets), above. Pretty neat. AMIRITE?


via Behance and Faith is Torment