Eloy Morales is a 39 year old (His birthday was on December 28th, Happy Birthday, Eloy!) painter based in Madrid, Spain. He has been practicing his craft since 1995. Morales’ oils paintings are hyperrealistic facsimiles; the attention to detail in his work is uncanny. It ceases to be representation at this point, as the renderings are an almost-exact copy. To say Morales and his paintings are meticulous would be a wild understatement. Observing his process, it appears that he patiently works in tiny pieces at a time, filling in pigment and blending it as he goes. The painting spreads and grows rather than being built up upon by layering. What is also impressive is the scale and size of his pieces, as his paintings are fairly large.

The majority of his subjects tend to be of himself. Usually, the self-portraits consist of his visage smeared with various types of mediums and color, to capture the light in a myriad of ways.

Morales might be one of the best in the world at photorealistic and hyperrealistic oil painting. I have yet to find anyone who is better. Outstanding work by the Spanish artist.


photos via Eloy’s Facebook