Luminous Earth Grid (Solano County, California), an array of 1,680 energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, swept over an area equal to 8 football fields, 50 miles north of San Francisco. Said the artist, “I see the project as a poetic statement on the potential harmony between technology and nature.” Over a five year period, Williams launched a rigorous fund raising campaign throughout Northern California, and raised nearly $500,000 to realize the massive project. It was widely acclaimed by critics around the globe and drew tens of thousands of visitors.

Environmental artist, Stuart Williams, created this brilliant installation in early 2011. It is a simple idea, perfectly executed to produce a great effect. Who knew superimposing a glowing grid onto an already picturesque hillside would create this dramatic visual punch. The contrast of technology, scale and nature is striking.


via Behance

Photography © Stuart Williams

UPDATE: Stuart Williams reached out to us and clarified that Luminous Earth Grid was actually from 1993, rather than last year; which makes it even more impressive. He also sent along a video of his latest project: