Vogue by Florence Kane:

Three photo books sit stacked front and center in the foyer of Jason Wu’s midtown studio, where he’s been previewing his pre-fall collection: Helmut Newton: Work, Lillian Bassman: Women, and Antonio Lopez:Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco. The two former, of course, depict the influences Wu united in his when-worlds-collide spring collection. The latter, his latest inspiration.

“It’s all about sexy seduction,” the designer says, gesturing toward a mood board of images of Jerry Hall, Jane Forth, and Donna Jordan. Add in Grace Jones and Bianca Jagger. “That group of girls always looked like they were having so much fun,” he says. “I loved the freedom and liberty of the seventies.” For him, right now “feels like a moment to be a little naughty and fun.” But certainly beautiful. This is, after all, Jason Wu, who’s become known for his tulle evening dresses, florals, and feminine day looks. So even though this collection is slinky, fluid, and even a bit revealing (see the long gold-bead dress with chiffon cutouts in just the right places), it’s never gratuitous or in-your-face.

We are loving this new line by Jason Wu; a collection that manages to commingle sexiness, classiness and elegance. It draws from the crisp lines of a classic Mad Men era, takes from the fun windiness of the ’70s, and simultaneously blows it all apart with an exhilarating layering of textures, which vault it into the future. Inspired and dazzling wares by the young (30 years old), Manhattan-based, Taiwanese-born American fashion designer, which will be a sure hit, as the ladies who are in-the-know (and have the access) will be clad in Jason Wu, in 2013.

Jason Wu is the REAL J-Wow.


MUST SEE: Spring 2013 Collection (video at the end of this post)

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