How does one put the spiritual significance of music on paper? Music transcends all languages and barriers and is the most beautiful communicative skill one can have. Music makes us all experience different emotions or the Navarasa as we call it. Different types of music, whether it is vocal or instrumental, Eastern or Western, Classical or Pop or folk from any part of the world can all be spiritual if it has the power to stir the soul of a person and transcend time for the moment. It makes one get goose-bumps in the body and mind and equates the highest mental orgasm and the release of grateful tears! -Ravi Shankar, January 2009

Indian musician, composer and master of the sitarRavi Shankar, has died at the age of 92 years old. Shankar was probably the single-most famous Indian musician because of his association with George Harrison and The Beatles, as Harrison became his student in the late ’60s. His affect is clearly heard in the Fab Four’s later catalog.

Shankar died in San Diego at 4:30 pm Pacific time. He had undergone heart-valve replacement surgery last week and was suffering from upper respiratory and heart problems.

Ravi Shankar was a pioneer, introducing a new sound to the western world, inspiring such movements and trends like raga rock. His influence did not stop at the introduction of ragas to western culture, as he also brought with him an eastern philosophy which relied on spirituality, consciousness and a focus of looking inward. The combination of the flowing meditative music, ethereal ideology and relationship with George Harrison made him a superstar icon of the hippie generation. Although, the reserved and disciplined Shankar was usually put off by the freewheeling ways of the hippies.

He was also the estranged father of Grammy-winning jazz/pop superstar, Norah Jones. There was word they reconciled in recent years.

The virtuoso’s legacy endures. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans. Rest in Peace.





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