This is huge. Legendary American jazz pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck, has passed away. Brubeck died of heart failure on December 5, 2012, in Norwalk, Connecticut, a day before his 92nd birthday. Brubeck was on his way to a cardiology appointment, accompanied by his son, Darius.

The jazz great wrote numerous jazz standards, which included In Your Own Sweet Way and The Duke. Though, the majority of his audience will probably know him from the song Take Five, a song written by his long-time musical partner, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond. The iconic song was performed by his band, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Brubeck plays the piano on Take Five. Surely, if you’re a legitimate jazz aficionado, this jazz classic is currently on one of your playlists. I would say, at this point, it is a Top-5-All-Time jazz standard. Who hasn’t heard or listened to this song?

So many fans and connoisseurs gravitated towards Dave Brubeck’s catalog because of his range; his style varied from refined and disciplined to bombastic and grandiose. This was a direct reflection of the combination of his classical training and his given knack for improvising. There was a conscious effort to experiment with tone, play with various meters, and layer contrasting rhythms. His brand of jazz was most famous for employing unusual time signatures. Although his brand of jazz was complex, it somehow still managed to be wholly accessible; for some, his music acted as a gateway to the jazz genre. Above all, his quartet made jazz cool again.

Another gifted master is gone. We send our condolences to the Brubeck family, his friends, the jazz community and all of his many fans. The musical legacy endures.