I moved to a new neighborhood in San Diego a little over a year ago that put me close to the San Diego Int. Airport. Since then I have become increasingly interested in the rhythms of the airport and the airplanes themselves. San Diego has an unusual flight path that brings the planes in low right over the center of the city and they have to drop rapidly behind a hill to make the runway. When I saw a composite still image on PetaPixel of every airplane that took off in a day from a European airport I started to wonder if I could do something similar with video. via

Inspired by Korean artist Ho-Yeol Ryu‘s iconic composite photo of planes taking off (below), Flughafen (2005), San Diego-based filmmaker and photographer Cy Kuckenbaker (cysfilm) condensed four-and-a-half hours of San Diego International Airport air traffic into a 26-second composite time-lapse video. Once layered, the presented short of all of the stacked, collected activity is mind-boggling. The video is composed of all landings at SAN on Black Friday (November 23, 2012) between the hours of 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Also, as a bonus, a London Heathrow approach time lapse video which shows how short the distances between approaching planes at LHR are, made by YouTuber, Cargospotter.


via PetaPixel
YouTube version

Flughafen by Ho-Yeol Ryu


Also, check out this IBM/Planes commercial by the PSYOP advertising agency which features a similarly inspired effect. (CLICK)