Here’s New York City producer Nick Koenig, aka Hot Sugar, with 56k featuring Heems from Das Racist.

I’m so confused. Is indie exceptionalism dead or are we finally acquiescing to the hipster ethos? Because we’re presenting a video filled with imagery and aural happenings which appear to emanate from Generation Ennui. There’s the achingly in-vogue, ironic and kitschy use of bad, obsolete graphics from another era. Is this current generation so unimaginative they continually have to bring back our shitty ’90s graphics and outmoded digital ephemera? There’s the presence of the glitchy stuff. There’s the nostalgic, beep-bop-boop 8-bit video game production of Koenig. And then there’s the too-cool-for-school apathetic flow of Heems.

We’re not intending to reduce people’s art but in the spirit of keeping it real, this is our first impression.

Truth be told, we dig the track though. As it partly infuriates, we also recognize its infectiousness. Isn’t that a part of hipsterdom? Covertly hating ourselves while we consume?

The quixotic video offering was directed by Steamclam Media Empire and comes courtesy of Scion A/V. DOWNLOAD the MiDi Murder EP for free exclusively HERE.


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