A sleek Public Bathroom in Rizhao, China, by Beijing’s HHD_FUN Architects:

A group of public shower rooms, restrooms, was located on the south part of the 2km long Shanhaitian beach park in Rizhao, east China. Due to the wider beach and adequate land in south, the more stretched prototype could be realised. Between the buildings and the sea, outdoor space was created to hold different outdoor activities. Skylight was brought into the buildings to save energy.

Special steel structure was designed to fit the complex building from at the same time create big span column free space. Parametric design technique has been adopted throughout all design process i.e. form finding, structure optimization, facade penalization and construction documentation, which make sure the complex shape can be “made” by local low technology manufacturer. “Low Technology Parametric Design” is our strategy to face China’s current construction situation.

via ArchDaily

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