Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte

The Simona, located in the Jardin Exotique neighbourhood, at the city limits, will stand as an example for the principality’s new planning initiatives.

Thus, the opportunities inherent in high-rise development have been seized to provide apartments with the best views over the exception allandscape and the best exposure,supplying the city with a unique structure, representative of future local developments.

Such a construction provides great comfort forits apartments: the views, an open outlook.The project’s impact upon the city is quite considerable.

The project is ambitious: it seeks to deliver astudy in housing typology and, beyond the building itself, an analysis of urban structure and a response to the question of the city’s densification.

The structure’s unusual vocabulary will broadenthe city’s palette. The building raises questions;its very visibility will involve it in considerations about the city’s development.

via ArchDaily