Bicentennial Civic Center by Lucio Morini and GGMPU Arquitectos in Córdoba, Argentina

The Bicentennial Civic Center will be the first administrative complex to have been designed specifically for that end by the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

It is located on the edge of the historic center of the city, on a lot that used to belong to the railway tracks.  One of its sides, measuring more than 700 meters, was adjacent to the River Suquia,  and constituted a physical barrier drastically separating the neighborhoods on both sides of the river.  This new urban operation will help diminish the image of the river as backyard of the city, thus transforming the whole sector into a new downtown front.

In order to enhance this transformation, new vehicular infrastructure consisting of two bridges across the river and connecting roads has been built; and the landscaping of the River Suquia Promenade -started many years ago- has been completed.  The Civic Center  will be built in three stages; stage one (which has recently been completed) consists of two buildings, A and B.

via ArchDaily

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