Haus am Weinberg in Stuttgart by UNStudio

Dutch firm UNStudio has just completed the ‘Haus am Weinberg’ outside of Stuttgart on a site situated between the town and a terraced vineyard. The white house is organized primarily around the twisting vertical circulation located at its core, while the form responds directly to the topography of the immediate landscape. Program elements are then placed around the central stairs following the sun’s path to benefit from the greatest amount of natural light during the peak times that the space would be used.

The free-flowing load bearing concrete structure is minimized to its essential qualities to create a light airy volume. Horizontal floor slabs and the roof plane being supported by the elevator shaft, two pillars and one interior column which free the corners to be wrapped in glazing. Soft oak flooring, natural stone and stucco flecked with bits of reflective rock bounce light deep into the rooms with framed views of the exterior. At the heart of the residence is a contrastingly darker room dedicated to music and the hunt.

via designboom

images © Iwan Baan