Completed in 2008, the Mira München Nordheide is a two-building retail development designed by architects at Chapman Taylor to create a new urban square for clients Fondara GmbH. The shopping centre is a model of efficiency, equipped with one of the largest geothermal cooling systems in Europe and even receiving a Gold Award for Sustainable Buildings back in 2009. While the designers went to great lengths to ensure the building’s energy efficient status, it was never to the detriment of the retail developments aesthetic appeals. In a new series of photos, Munich-based photographer Nick Frank has captured the bubble-gum candy colored facade like never before.

In sharp contrast to the organic, free- flowing interiors of the Mira München Nordheide shopping centre, the facade is a defiantly geometric, candy-colored practice of linear expertise. The colorful prisms that shape the exterior are both a mixture of powder-coated aluminum panels as well as stainless steel. The stainless steel panels reflect the sky and additional surroundings, creating a series of illusions of depth that are further enhanced by the close relation of each panel to the powder-coated aluminum. The aluminum panels differ in color so much so that the building appears to change colors as the viewer moves around the space, a concept expertly captured in Frank’s photographs.

via Architizer