I try to remain the 14 years old kid who paints his truth in a brutal and free-minded way. I aspire to keep the creativity, the honesty and the impertinence of a kid in spite of my age to send a disturbing message in a simple, efficient and no polishing way. Societies and cities are always evolving and as a graffiti artist, I got to adapt myself to these evolutions of my surroundings. Efficiency is one of the most important traits in a graffiti artist’s skills. It starts from a concern that I have and I send a message to everybody by intellectualizing my reasoning and finding the best spot to be the most efficient. No matter what other people are doing or what is considered “in”, and bring something new, ugly or not.

Keeping with the theme of subverting consumer brands, as we recently saw with Ben Frost, here is the extreme version. Kidult, the street “artist”, vandal and brand terrorist has released the short street art documentary, Visual Dictatorship. Equipped with a fire extinguisher, spray paint cans, and wheatpaste posters, Kidult has left his mark in big cities such as New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. He has hit such boutiques as agnès b., Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs. The French vandal is all but considered Public Enemy #1 in the high fashion world at this point. Banksy, your move.