It was very evident that the shape of the car, the aerodynamics was very crucial to its design, also the amount of research, engineering, precision and technology that was behind it. The video being a teaser, we wanted to hint at the shape of the car, and not fully reveal it; we wanted to tease the audience. We arrived at a concept that this car was shaped by the very forces of air flowing around it, and we would visualize those forces and create a piece around that.

The über-talented team of Marshmallow Laser Feast were commissioned by McLaren to create this stunning teaser for the launch of their new car, McLaren P12. The sixty second clip was created with a combination of 3D animation (light painting animation informed by wind tunnel data), long exposure photography and a tv screen moving rapidly on a custom designed rig.


Concept, Design, Art direction and Technical Direction: Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with James Medcraft Software
Design and Development: Raffael Ziegler
Sound Design: Tom Halstead Visual Effects – Moving Picture Company

via: Creative Applications