HouseWING is a residential intervention by New York and Seoul-based firm AnLstudio and Heebon in an apartment in Seoul, Korea.

On the tenth floor of a historical landmark building, this renovated space integrates a working environment into the dwelling for an artist. The unit accommodates the conflicting activities by creating two clusters that share the spaces between the defined program areas. Derived from the apartment name ‘Nakwon’, which means ‘utopia’, a white framework wraps and travels across the confined interior to visually differentiate these opposite yet adjacent functions.

Overall evoking the form of an airplane wing, strip light fixtures are embedded into the section which grazes the ceiling to offer task illumination to the entry, living room, library and study. The private rooms including the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are pushed to the periphery away from the public zone.

via designboom

all images AnLstudio + Heebon © Sunghwan Yoon

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