A large part of my work makes reference and is influenced by the transition from analogue to digital. Using old type sets, type writer keys, analogue numbers, analogue timepieces (clock faces) etc. to represent the analogue era. The digital era suggested with computer keys, calculator buttons phone buttons, etc.

Using the representational image of various objects as pixels, Australia-based digital artist workbynight (WBK) has composed these celebrity mosaic portraits. Because they appear as if they’re works made out of found objects, we are most drawn to his series which are composed of keyboard keys. They have a lifelike three-dimensional texture that we are attracted to. But WBK also works in other bits, besides keys,  including buttons, “granny squares“, donuts, condoms and tiles, among many other media.

Check out his extensive collection of mosaic portraits at his deviantART gallery.


WBK at Facebook

Neil Armstrong

Steve Jobs

President Barack Obama

Adam Yauch aka MCA


Dr. Dre

Kanye West



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