Seoul-based media arts collective JonPaSang has created HYPERMATRIX a kinetic vertical landscape installation for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion in Korea. The exhibition comprises of thousands of 30cm x 30cm cubes, which make up the internal facade of the building. A steel foundation was developed to support the integrated stepping motors that control each individual volume.

The collection of lightweight blocks extrude through the face of the structure, creating a virtually infinite series of configurations. As the pixels sweep through the room, sounds evoke a grand sense of interaction between the audience and surrounding space. as wave patterns ripple across the interior environment, additional digital mapping effects cover the surface to visually enhance the dimensionality of the performance.

(Jonpasang collective includes Jin-Yo Mok, Sookyun Yang, Earl Park, Jin-Wook Yeo and Sang-Wook Yu)

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