from the 2012 show near Paris, Face to Face:

Nature and Culture, control and chance are juxtaposed in the spectacular work of Ackroyd & Harvey unveiling the beauty, delicacy and the transitory nature of organic life. They make living pictures using the light sensitivity of grass seedlings. The work of photosynthesis replaces the chemical silver bromide, and the grass, more or less green, depending on whether or not exposed to light, the images reveal. These fragile appearances chlorophyll urge us to act to preserve them longer and question our relationship with the living, because we combine the herb with nature, then it is more like a concrete clean green public space , parks and gardens of our cities.

Ackroyd & Harvey are London-based artists who wonderfully intersect such disciplines as sculpture, photography, architecture, and biology. Their extensive and unique body of work invites a dialectic about process, space, time, context and event by reflecting upon their own urban political ecologies, the venues in which the works reside. The cycle of growth and decay is a central theme that is embedded within their art.


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