Yo, B, this ain’t the hardest gangsta shit but this Kimbra chick is a bonafied pop supastar in the making. Naw mean? And homegirl is, like, barely twenty-two years old up in this bitch. Ever since that Gotye joint, she be blowin’ up like MJ in game 7, B. Pop game Kevin Durant, Ma. Check the script, Money, she good to go. She got that young Jennifer Love Hewitt juice too…with a funky swag, like, an artist vibe. Naw mean? I hear she wants to settle down. Get at me, B.

I don’t know why I’m talking like this. I need to stop hanging out with Ghost and torching blunts; Tony Starks is a bad influence. Seriously speaking, this is the new music video for Kimbra’s Two Way Street off of her debut album, VOWS. It was directed by glamour photographer Matthew Rolston. It’s wonderful. There, Pretty Toney would never utter the word “wonderful”.