Award-winning photographer Camille Seaman, best known for her earlier work depicting massive polar icebergs, recently turned her lens on another incredible natural phenomenon – storm clouds above the American Midwest. She partnered with experienced storm chasers and began to stalk a particular type of storm cloud – the supercell. On June 22, 2012, in western Nebraska, she encountered an enormous supercell and captured its many faces.

via The Atlantic: In Focus with Alan Taylor (see their 22 images selected here)

Damn, Nature, you scary…and beautiful. Damn, Camille, you talented. I would love to purchase one of her $800 Epson Ultrachrome archival pigmented inkjet prints. You can acquire your print by contacting the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach. Or buy her book.

Also, be sure to check out The Big Cloud and The Last Iceberg series at Seaman’s site. And read this piece about her; The New York Times: Chasing Danger, Capturing Beauty.

I’m an instant fan, Camille, an instant fan.


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