Gas Station in Slovakia by Czech Republic architecture office Atelier SAD (translated):

Design petrol stations, based on the overall concept of a network of petrol stations, which also processed by our studio. We dealt with the overall concept of the original network of petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, which should differ significantly from the current generally accepted appearance of these buildings. The concept was universally processed so that the gas station to maintain a characteristic appearance of standing up to the great highway.
Pilot gas station in Matušková is two rack with a small kiosk. Roof space intended for the refueling is solved by a curved surface, supported by three pillars. The roof area above the address space of fuel dispensers and partly above the kiosk – dry passage to the kiosk. It is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure supporting vertical columns and horizontal plates, which passes smoothly into the columns. Horizontally based roofing of rotating funnel-shaped columns of each otherconnected by flat plates. This system allows a large variability of the report columns, while maintaining the total term station. Roof drainage is dealt with in vyspádováním storm drains, which are drained through the center of each column into storm sewers. The poles are kept and other technologies (electricity, ventilation, etc.). The shell roof lights are installed.
Fuel stations provides services to motorists.Kiosk facilities are self-service oils, grease, auto parts, car accessories and the like. Also offers sales of selected foods and foodstuffs.The shop premises are two cash registers.These functional units are proposed and the necessary space and technical facilities (eg warehouses, social and sanitary facilities for handling and visitors locker room for staff, office, heat and hot water, telephone). Sanitary facilities for visitors are available directly from the shop. Access to the kiosk building modifications is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.
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