My interpretation of what a real POrtal gun would be like if one existed. Based on the video game, POrtal. I tried to match the game as close as possible. This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection. ENJOY! The Visual Effects…

Jason Craft is a visual effects and motion graphics artist based in Minnesota. He has seamlessly created this fabulous and impressive short involving the Portal Device from the wildly successful, award-winning¬†Portal video game series. It’s a brilliant live-action depiction of what it would be like to actually have one of these Portal guns in the real world. The short is extremely fun to watch and is an utter mind-bender.

People have thought the gun in the video is a real prop, similar to the custom fabricated by Volpin, but it’s entirely CG. The 3D Portal gun replaced and covered up a painted up coffee can covered with tracking markers. Very, very cool.

By the way, Limited Edition Portal Gun Replicas were recently made available and they sold out within a half-an-hour. Likewise, the $140 NECA Valve Portal Device Replica – P-body Co-op Version pre-order is also out of stock. These radical replicas go for almost double on eBay.

Anyway, awesome show, great job, Jason Craft. The cake is NOT a lie, the cake is true.


YouTube version

A nice Portal print by Ian Wilding. Purchase the print at Society6.