Architects Collective:

The two-story house is located on a southwestern slope overlooking the hilly countryside. As is typical for the region, the L-shaped structure forms a protected courtyard to the north. The end of the L-shape cantilevers up to eight meters and forms a covered carport area that allows direct access into the courtyard located behind. The 300m2 indoor area is characterized by an open staircase which connects the two floors. At the pivot point of the L-shape, there is an open area that is intended as a children’s play area and library. This is also where all circulation areas and stairwells come together. From this point, the courtyard as well as the living and sleeping areas are all within view. Due to a careful building arrangement, all rooms have access to natural light and can be cross ventilated. Heating of the house is done through a biomass wood chip plant, which is operated jointly with several neighbors. The L-shaped building form is completed by a mirror-like protected square courtyard.

via ArchDaily