A captivating exhibition of work by advertising agency Bleublancrouge. The Star Wars Identities explore the rare treasures from the Lucasfilm archives. The exhibition is currently on display in Montreal, Canada.


The STAR WARS™ Identities exhibition will shed new light on the unforgettable Star Wars™ characters by exploring the theme of identity or “the forces that shape you.” In fact, the illustrations were inspired by the individuality of each character, by what makes them who they are.

Brand: STAR WARS Identities
Advertiser: Lucasfilms, X3 Productions
Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge
Chief Creative Officer: Gaetan Namouric
Creative Lead Team: Jean-François LeBlanc, Sebastien Maheux
Copywriter: Andrew Lord
Production: Eve Mathieu
Illustration : Louis Hébert
Other : Véronique Vigneault
Published: 2012