Bottom of the Ninth is a unique animated graphic novel by Hollywood animator, character designer and storyboard artist Ryan WoodwardBottom of the Ninth tells the story  of  a gifted 18-year-old who is catapulted to the major league in the  futuristic game of New Baseball. Mr. Woodward has not set a release date yet. However, Bottom of the Ninth will be distributed in digital format as a series of apps for mobile devices.


The first app, PROLOGUE, will set up the characters, the futuristic game of New Baseball and the sports culture of Tao City. Candy Cunningham is an 18 year old girl, born with a phenomenal athletic ability, and a hot head! Her father, Gordy Cunningham is an aged major league player who’s athletic abilities have diminished over the years, but his ability to put on a good clown show always draws a crowd and ticket sales. Throughout the story, Candy faces critical identity issues that alter the course of her life. The fame and glory of being a Tao City hero conflict with the true meaning of happiness taught to her by her father.
2 time MVP, Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves), voices a sports announcer.

via Ryan Woodward Art and Animation