oOoOO emulates strain and uncertainty reminiscent of a giant nightmare in his sophomore EP, Our Love is Hurting Us. He lays down the tracks with unhurried drum loops that create a floor for his troubling songs. These drum sounds add a contrast, as most of the melodies float and fade throughout never feeling very grounded. Many of the elements that he uses occur commonly in electronic songs in the same vein, yet his songs isolate and uniquely arrange these elements. For instance, unlike in the familiar track Witch Hunt by Zomby where the rapid high hat sound is utilized for the entire song, oOoOO places it intermittently – allowing it to creature texture rather than foundation.

Stable twinkly-sounding, straightforward rhythms are presented periodically as well to provide hope that the prominent mesh of darkness may fade. However, these lighthearted sounds are always overrode by the pressing ghostly sounds that envelope every song. This and his former self-titled EP were released by Tri Angle Records. Like the first EP, oOoOO takes listeners on a discordant witch house journey through an anomaly of eeriness.


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