For our first anniversary and thousandth post we have added a couple of ingredients to spice up The Superslice recipe. It is our pleasure to welcome all the culture monsters to the newly revamped super-hub of amusement. As you can see, we have streamlined the home page. In addition to smoothing out the interface, we would also like to introduce several new added features to the site which will heighten your experience.

If you navigate to the FEATURES page, you will find all of the previously featured headline posts. There are four subcategories within this page. POP CULTURAL ROUNDUP will take you to the collected weekly updates from the world of popular culture; content from television, film, books, and humor. YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT/WRONG! contains all of the critiques and reviews. You will find the collection of one-on-ones and interviews in SUPERTALK. Finally, SOUNDCAST highlights the best music posts and picks.

Another pumped-up feature is the VIDEOPHILE. Not only are all of the video eye candy from previous posts consolidated in one section but with the ease of one click you’re able to instantly view the selected video. Just click on the thumbnail and the video pops up; you can check out the original post (text and other bells and whistles) by clicking ‘view post’ in the pop-up. There are new subcategories. Videos have been subdivided into the newest videos, films about design, music videos, cinema, and fashion-themed videos.

SOUNDSYSTEM has been redesigned to make it easier to quick-sample all of the music. All of the music posts are organized here and the SoundCloud widgets are readily displayed for you to immediately stream. Of course, you can view more information on the posts by simply clicking the title.

In addition, you are now able to search our extensive ARCHIVE by the specific year and month. We have added a shop that features fine wares from The Superslice brand. The STORE has limited edition merchandise for you to purchase; from t-shirts, prints, hats, and sunglasses. Soon, we will be showcasing unique products such as lace locks, coasters, glassware and other cool gear. Keep your ears perked and your eyes peeled for when we start rolling out one-of-a-kind swag.

The Superslice crew has been working hard, designing and filtering, to bring you the best online experience as we pride ourselves in being top-notch curators, dedicated tastemakers and a varied lifestyle brand that you can align yourselves with. We hope this slice of culture tantalizes your entertainment taste buds and quenches your thirst for the best in art, design, music, pop culture, technology and fashion. Thank you for your readership and patronage.


Tony Trinh
Editor in Chief