Germany’s Pott Architects:

The individual house as a place of privacy seems in these times of rampant prefabricated house as a building type mentality come to seem to fade into oblivion and the needs for mobility and flexibility to meet no more. We are therefore delighted that a young family of four had the desire and the courage to design a tailor-made to work with us home.

The goal was a flexible building that can respond to the changing of family life and allows for harmony between the individual and individuality of the interaction of the community. A house that operates like an organism and dictates the things of daily need a place. A cozy house, places of peace and security defined.

The common dialog has been questioned with the help of variants, working models and simulations of the structural type of dwelling and developed an overall concept.The building was completed in April 2005 is the result of this intensive process, and reflects an existing need for new forms of individual housing. It says that the family enjoys life in the house and the building owner of a “home and leisure” is talking about.

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