Dutch architecture office Rudy Uytenhaak on The Hague Municipal Office in The Netherlands:

The design of the building has an autonomous form, but is in keeping with the existing buildings in its colouring and situation, representing a new interpretation of the original light and ‘modern’ architectural heritage. The service building on the rising plane has an information square at its centre, opening up onto the various public functions and the collective office building.

In the structural concept of the Leyweg municipal office, spaciousness, construction and installation technology are optimally attuned to one another, with sustainability and economic intelligence as the primary criteria. So, for example, all ductsand installations are integrated in a climate-control floor with concrete core activation, which also has acoustic and fire prevention functionality. Hanging ceilings are therefore not necessary, enabling a spacious total storey height. Using the principle of load-bearing exterior walls, the office areas are fully flexible in their layout, and therefore flexible in use. The meticulous fine-tuning of all these aspects with one another results in a businesslike and efficient office building that makes use of simple, ‘proven’ construction techniques.

via ArchDaily